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By becoming a Penguin P.A.L. (Protector of Aquatic Life), you help support all aspects of the care and enrichment of our waddle of penguins while learning about the importance of protecting them in the wild.  Maintaining their cold-climate habitat here at the Aquarium, feeding them a top-quality diet and ensuring they receive the best veterinary care come at a price.   Your tax-deductible donation helps to offset these costs and sustain the high standards set by our animal care staff. 

And what an ideal gift for the family member or friend whose favorite animals at the Aquarium just happen to be our gentoo and macaroni penguins!**

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P.A.L. Penguin Encounter FAQ
Personal penguin encounters are available to PALs at the $100 & $250 levels.

What is the minimum age limit for Personal Penguin Encounters?
Personal Penguin Encounters are open to anyone six years of age and older. This limit is set in the interest of safety, both for the human participant and the penguins.

Do children have to be accompanied by an adult?
Children (anyone under 18) must be accompanied by an adult during the Personal Penguin Encounter. This adult will count toward the overall limit of two or four individuals, depending on your PAL Package.

Can I bring an extra person on my penguin encounter?
Due to space limitations in the penguin back up area, we cannot accommodate more than four people on the Personal Penguin Encounter.

How do I schedule my penguin encounter?
Personal Penguin Encounters may be scheduled by calling 423-785-4067. Exact availability is subject to the keepers’ schedules. We also ask that you schedule your encounter at least a week in advance. Call for more information.

How long will the Personal Penguin Encounter take?
The length of the Personal Penguin Encounter will vary with each group, but they generally take between 15 and 20 minutes.

When is the best time of the year to schedule my penguin encounter?
Encounters are the best when booked between October and April.

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